About me

I have 38 years of experience within IT, and been working in 7 countries around the world.

I create webpages from ground up, or in wordpress or wordpress plug-ins to satisfy your needs.

I create both front-end & back-end applications, based on your specifications.

I encrypt all your customer information with AES-256 encryptions or encrypt any other kind of information.

I develop payments API using Paypal, Stripe(Cards), VIPPS, or more than 1.5k types of coinpayments.

I have been administrating up to 46k network users worldwide.

I have been creating IT-departments in 5 countries.

I work daily in PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, mySql databases.

I develop any kind of booking systems or rental systems based on your needs.

I also have experiences from MLM-, darkweb servers-, IT surveillance-, IT-document standardisations-,

  E-commerce-, Memberships-, Blogs-, Customer field support-, Live chat- Systems.

I can do any kind of 24/7 IT support to help your business grow and stay secured.

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